Welcome to Finlake Capital, we are an independent multi-family office based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2015 by a partnership of industry-seasoned professionals, we are dedicated to preserving and growing wealth for our high value clients.

Our investment activity is global, as an independent firm we seek out and offer intriguing investment opportunities around the world. Our investment experts offer a range of avenues of investment including financial products such as stocks and bonds, angel and seed funding in startup ventures and tech businesses, real-estate holdings, as well as investment in tangible assets such as works of art, collectible antiques, rare vehicles and more.

The amenities we provide don't end there, we provide a wealth of bespoke services tailored for the needs of wealthy families and individuals. These include a plethora of issues encompassing wealth planning and management, family governance, philanthropy, and lifestyle and concierge, among others.

Why Us?

Custom services:

Our analysts and experts compile a portfolio of holdings tailored to the client's unique vision and desires.

Independent firm:

As an independent firm we provide you with unfettered advice and assemble the best possible portfolio of holdings for your needs.

Extensive experience:

Our directors and professional team have a combined professional experience spanning decades.

Close connection:

We offer our clients a highly personalized service, working closely with them as valued partners in the decision making process and keeping them informed.


Our activity is based on complete trust, integrity, transparency, discretion and a dedication to the client.

Our Services

Wealth Planning
Wealth Planning
Wealth Management
Wealth Management
Family Governance
Family Governance
Lifestyle & concierge
Lifestyle & concierge

Wealth Planning

  • Portfolio planning
  • Estate planning, wills and bequests
  • Tax advisory

  • Legal Advisory
  • Insurance advisory
  • Trusts

At Finlake Capital we provide valuable guidance and strategic services to help families plan out their investment strategy, the composition of their portfolio holdings. This is based on a series of preliminary meetings held with the client during which we learn their wishes and preferences, map out their risk profile and their specific taxation situation. A typical investment portfolio is comprised of a diverse mix of products including stocks and shares, real estate holdings and development projects, venture capital and angel funding, art and collectables, among others.

We offer a range of legal, taxation and insurance advice and help the client set up holding companies and trusts according to their requirements. Perhaps the most important facet of our wealth planning service is the delicate matter of preparing for cross-generational transition and business continuity in the event of demise. This includes estate planning, family and business governance strategies and more. It's vital to learn of the tax and legal situation of all stakeholders, in order to guarantee a smooth transfer of wealth between generations with minimal impact on individual family members.

Wealth Management

  • Investment advice
  • Portfolio management
  • Asset allocation
  • Risk management

  • Financial statements
  • Private equity
  • Real estate holdings, development and management
  • Financing

Finlake Capital's advisors provide ongoing investment advice, for instance whenever market fluctuations merit a change in holdings, or we have a new investment opportunity to offer. We manage the investment portfolio keeping the clients in the loop with regular updates and financial statements. Clients can also access their personal account information on the client access page, they can view up to the minute performance data, receive market news, and chat with their portfolio manager.

We manage clients' real estate holdings on a day to day basis, make acquisitions and sales, negotiate contracts, and more. We also manage real estate development projects on the client's behalf

Family Governance

  • Family council
  • Family charter

  • Family mediation
  • Family assembly

At Finlake Capital experience has shown us that no two families have identical needs. Therefore our consultants learn each client's specific circumstances and needs, including the specific tax and domicile situation of key stakeholders. We endeavor to engage representatives of multiple generations in the activities of their family business, this generally leads to a greater comprehension of the goals and aims of the family as a whole and helps avoid misunderstandings and acrimony in the long run, often family businesses are mismanaged due to miscommunication and disagreements that stem from childhood arguments, that over the years can lead to entrenched stigmas about other stakeholders. We hold family assembly meetings during which we communicate to stakeholders any developments and news relating to their holdings. We also act as mediators and work hard to unravel misunderstandings and develop clear goals, aims and strategies designed to put the family and its business interests on the path to a successful and fruitful future. We help formulate a family charter which acts as the guide and template for family governance.


  • Charitable trusts
  • Foundations

  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • Fundraising events

Finlake Capital's consultants help clients in their charitable efforts. Many wealthy individuals feel the need to give back to society and to help those less fortunate or to help make the world a better place.

Together with the client we define their fields of interest and formulate the best way to bring their wishes to fruition. We'll help set up foundations, charitable trusts, bursaries, scholarships and awards, and arrange fundraising events. We'll make sure that everything runs smoothly and in accordance with relevant legislation.

Lifestyle and concierge

  • Secretarial
  • Housekeeping
  • Staff management
  • Property management

  • Vehicle management
  • Cash flow management
  • Accounting
  • Legal

At Finlake Capital we know how valuable our clients' time is. We take care of all their personal administrative requirements, manage household matters, make travel arrangements, hire staff, and provide secretarial services among others. Nothing is too difficult for us, we're used to catering to the wishes of our clients, however demanding they may be.

For instance we'll happily organize a business trip, arrange family vacations to exclusive resorts, arrange VIP access to venues and events, and more. Whatever the clients require we take care of all the details and arrangements, giving them the peace of mind to focus on what matters to them.

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